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This is the second issue of Zephyr, the University of New England's journal of creative expression. Since 2000, Zephyr has published original drawings, paintings, photography, prose, and verse created by current and former members of the University community. Zephyr's Editorial Board is made up exclusively of matriculating students.





Publication Date

Spring 2001


Prose, Poetry, Pen and Ink Drawings, Photography, Students


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Photography

Catalog Record

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Faculty Advisor for Zephyr 2001 Spring: Jaime Hylton

Cover Photograph by Paul Star.


John D. Daugherty, To know without learning; David S. Curland, The night before preceptor; L. Ricker, Aspirations; Matthew Bibeau, Man-of-war; Sarah Berry, The flume; Emma S. Boucher, She’s special; Ryan Eling, i eye; Jocelyn Brown, The rose; Holly Couture, Fire!; Ryan Eling, Old; Matthew Bibeau, The giving tree; Shannon Fossey, Untitled; Danielle Chabot, The sphere of me; Katie J. Tumiel, Thunderstruck; Amanda Walker, Winds of change; Luke Morrison, Next generation; Danielle Chabot, Inside out; Victoria Haskell, Of all the lessons I have learned; Katie J. Tumiel, Untitled; Ryan Eling, Mirror; Cynthia Simon, Transitions; Shannon Fossey, Alone; Joseph Wolfberg, Honoring; Lisa Curtiss, Perfect; Nancy Kane, Chinks in the cavern; Judith Haug, Violet cold; Benjamin A. Wiggins, The invasion of the beast; Gem M. Lucas, Babylon is talking; Linda Shary, Santa Fe Story; Paul Star, Photographs 2-8; Rebecca Olszak, Photographs 9-11; Chris Bailey, Photographs 12-13; Taylor Bain, Photographs 1 and 14-15; Melissa Mailhot, Photograph 16; Georgeann Sobotka, Drawing p. 14; Michelle Blanchard, Drawing p. 24; Jenny Cunningham, Drawing p. 44.

Zephyr: The Second Issue
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