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Rebecca Lachance

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APN 605

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Spring 2019



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This handout provides solutions to the various challenges facing obese teenagers ranging from how to eat right, plan out the day’s nutrition, smart way to choose school meals, tips to manage weight, how to eat less calories and still feel satiated, including workouts to the daily regimen, cooking at home and lastly, managing the monthly budget to allow finances for grocery and food till the month end.

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Obesity, Teenage, Weight loss, Low Income Weight gain, Nutrition Education, Exercise, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Fast food, budget management.




This educational handout may be used in Nutrition Care settings for Teenagers, school kids as well as parents of kids who are suffering from obesity or over weight. The reading level should be at a 5th grade level.

Teen Obesity: Solutions To Address The Nutritional And Socio-economic Factors

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