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Rebecca Lachance

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APN 605 Nutrition Across the Lifespan

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This educational handout focuses on delivering the concept of Mindfulness to adolescent young women when choosing healthier food choices alongside appropriate portion sizes recommended by the 2,000 kcal/diet MyPlate Plan. Acknowledging that teen girls have a greater desire for autonomy in their food and exercise choices, the first side educates them on ways to monitor their healthy to not so healthy food choices utilizing the Traffic Light Diet concept. Colorful pictures alongside each section illustrate which choices correlate to “always appropriate”, “pause”, and “stop and think” foods. Portion size control is depicted through everyday objects so that the user can learn to appropriately gauge portions without measuring them out. The second side of the handout is designed to assist the user in making mindful food selections when eating at home and during school/eating out. Other mindfulness techniques illustrate the importance of paying attention to hunger/satiety cues and to adapting the environment to a more supportive one that enhances body positivity. The benefits of choosing mindfulness and setting attainable goals as outlined helps enhance weight loss/maintenance and a healthy relationship with food choices.

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Nutrition Education, Mindfulness, Goal Setting, Traffic Light Diet, Portion Control, Portion Sizes, 2, 000 kcal/diet, body positivity



Mindfully EmPOWERed Health (a Handout)

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