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Moira Burke

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APN 605

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Spring 2018



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This handout depicts the top 10 tips for prevention and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents. There is information that can be useful for anyone to understand and use. Programs are available on an individuals’ need for their health and weight status. Nutrition is important for the body, as well as preventing increased health risk. Treatment options can range from programs, medications, therapy, and counseling. There are other options to use for treatment besides going for surgery; that is only the last option if the individual is severely obese. Exercising can also help children and adolescents know that it helps with treating obesity. Support comes from everyone, teachers, family, friends, and counselors. Those people can help the individual along the path by encouraging them, offering them guidance, and knowing that they can do it. Motivation can bring the individual to know that they can do it by having encouraging words and they are not alone.

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Nutrition, Treatment, Children, Adolescents, Obesity, Programs, Motivation, Exercise, Support




Educational handout.

This educational handout may be used in Nutrition and Obesity care for Children from 3 years to adolescence that directs nutrition information and treatment options. The reading level should be at a 5th-grade level. With children aged 3 to 7 who cannot read or understand, adults can read to help with guidance.

Obesity With Change

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