Pediatric Asthma: A Case of Inadequate Access



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A.B. has been suffering with asthma for two years and increasing shortness of breath for the past four months due to both environmental and genetic factors. A.B. has several layers of barriers to treatment for her condition. At the individual level, she is 10 years old and in the 5th grade, therefore relying on her family for all healthcare and lifestyle decisions. A.B’s parents are both smokers who have holistic healthcare ideals. They live in a multifamily home and may have unknown triggers in both the house and water quality. The family does not have access to a personal car, nor is there public transportation so they rely on the other families that they share the building with for childcare and transportation. There is limited access to specialist care, however they are within 20 minutes from the nearest hospital. A.B.’s parents have low level English literacy and may have difficulty understanding the instructions from healthcare providers. Based on this information, we can suggest ways from various levels to help improve A.B.’s condition and prevent disease progression.

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Beecher: Osteopathic Medicine, Woodworth: Osteopathic Medicine, Metoule: Public Health

Pediatric Asthma: A Case of Inadequate Access
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