Social Determinants of Health as Barriers to Treatment



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The theme of this case study was to show how social determinants of health can be barriers to treatment through the lens of each interprofessional team member and then from the three members submitting this presentation. Each team member identified one or more of the social determinants of health that affected the patient's access to treatment. They worked together to create a plan of action to help the patient overcome these barriers. The team learned the value of working together as no single person could have fixed this situation, and everyone had something to contribute to the case.

Keywords: social determinants of health, health literacy, low income, asthma, pediatric, teamwork, collaboration, environmental factors, social factors

Publication Date

Fall 11-20-2023


Interprofessional Education


Hitch1, Social Work; McEachen2, Occupational Therapy; and Reif3, Applied Nutrition.

Social Determinants of Health as Barriers to Treatment
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