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Research poster describing the following process: The Intentional Relationship Model (IRM) is designed to explain the therapist's roles and demands in both establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with a patient. While based in occupational therapy, this model has wide implications on being applied in many contexts, including an interdisciplinary team. While based in occupational therapy, this model has wide implications for the application to health care interdisciplinary teams. The objective for our team was to analyze our own interactions with Alex and identify how our ability to use different modes of the IRM and mode-shift made an impact on our care both individually and as a collective.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Interprofessional Education


The authors were UNE students in the following programs when this research was conducted: Bach, Osteopathic Medicine; Canducci, Occupational Therapy; D'Antonio, Physician Assistant; Dufford, Social Work; Paquette, Physical Therapy; Wermers, Dental Medicine.

Understanding An Interprofessional Team Through The Lens Of The Intentional Relationship Model (IRM)

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