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Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) is a team approach to problem solving in which a group or team interacts with horses to accomplish various tasks. The horses are not ridden but instead worked in an open setting to allow reflection and understanding between team members. EAGALA has been used in multiple settings, such as, combatting compassion fatigue in community care workers. (Black 8-13) EAGALA uses experiential learning to realize the goals of the participants This offered an opportunity for interprofessional collaboration between the COM, Nursing, and Social Work students with a technique that has been suggested to reduce burnout among community health professionals ..(Notgrass and Pettinelli 162-174)

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Interprofessional Education


Author Clendennen-Peirce was a UNE Osteopathic Medical student when this research was conducted.

EAGALA Inter-Professional Team Development

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