Biopsychosocial Dimensions Of Chronic Pain Care



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Presentation describing the following: Pain management and proper care for patients with chronic pain, from a student perspective, is initially conceptualized as a concern relating to physical health and well-being. Healthcare students receive education on the importance of holistic practice and the impacts of biopsychosocial dimensions of health on wellbeing. However, when entering a situation with the anticipation to treat chronic pain our immediate concern was providing care for physical ailments. As time went on, the importance of psychological, mental health care became increasingly evident as important to help best treat our patients. In this presentation, we will be discussing our experience with the IPE Pain Clinic and the experience’s impact on our understanding of the Biopsychosocial aspects of health that all heavily influence the health and well-being of our patients both current and future.

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Interprofessional Education


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The authors were UNE students in the following programs when this research was conducted: Ahmed, Nursing; Bocal, Social Work; Cheng and Fakory, Osteopathic Medicine; Rogers, Occupational Therapy; Zinyatullova, Physician Assistant.

Biopsychosocial Dimensions Of Chronic Pain Care
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