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Spring 5-1-2013


Whether on-duty in medical centers, offices, and pharmacies, or off-duty out in the world, health professionals are often the first to notice a decline in health status of a fellow human being. Yet, many professionals report feeling conflicted about offering health information or advice to someone who is not expecting it. This event reviews the ethical, legal and practical implications of offering unsolicited health information; it touches on several dangerous, visible medical conditions that many Americans unknowingly live with; and it explores communication barriers and caveats through group discussion. Fictional scenarios with “what-if” variations will prompt discussion, and guests with practical experience will be present.


Event Format: Presentation with powerpoint, guided group discussion.

Item Format: Recorded presentation.

Contributors: Ray Keller (Osteopathic Medicine Student), Shanleigh Crane (Dental Hygiene Student), Abe Wei (Osteopathic Medicine Student), Apryle Seeley (Osteopathic Medicine Student), Julia Ringel (Osteopathic Medicine Student), Dr. Ling Cao (Faculty Advisor, UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine).

Video also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Luaonecs5J4

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