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Katherine S. Rudolph



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Osteoarthritis (OA) affects an estimated 50 million people in the US, and approximately 43% have limitations in daily function due to arthritis pain.3 Individuals with knee osteoarthritis (OA) have heightened sensitization to pain2,5 as well as reduced strength, diminished function and quality of life1 that prompts them to seek care from health care providers. Physical therapists commonly work with patients to improve function and quality of life by helping them learn to move without pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain causes changes to the nervous system that may impact the ability to learn new ways but the extent to which chronic pain affects motor learning in people with chronic pain is largely unknown. We are investigating the influence of chronic pain on the rate of learning a new motor task using the “broken escalator” paradigm and we present kinematic and electromyographic (EMG) data from four subjects illustrating motor learning in two people with knee OA and two healthy age matched control subjects.

Publication Date

Summer 2017


motor learning, motor control, knee, osteoarthritis, physical therapy, pain


Musculoskeletal Diseases | Neurosciences | Orthopedics | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy | Other Medical Specialties | Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy | Translational Medical Research


Presented at the Northeast Osteopathic Medical Education Network (NEOMEN)17th Annual Research And Scholarship Forum.

Author Heather Turcotte was a UNE COM student when this research was conducted; author Katherine Rudolph is a faculty member in the UNE Physical Therapy department.

Motor Learning And Adaptation In People With Knee Osteoarthritis And Chronic Pain



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