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Marilyn R. Gugliucci; Elizabeth Dyer; Barbara Swartzlander



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Presentation regarding the following research: To determine if self-assessed empathy can be increased through an end of life virtual reality (VR) experience, second year UNE COM medical students (N=174) completed the Clay Lab VR experience during January 2020. Student embodied Clay, 66 year old male veteran with incurable lung cancer. Experiences included a difficult end-of-life conversation; transition to home hospice care; and eventually death. Students were asked to complete a pre-test and post-test survey. The pre/post test surveys included eight Likert scale questions and two open-ended questions. The data was collected via the RedCap program. Pre and post-test data was paired based on student email address. Only the students that completed both the pre and post-test were included. Closed questions were analyzed through frequency analysis and paired-sample t-test using excel. Open ended question were analyzed through N-VIVO 12+. This study focused on quantitative data.

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Medical Education | Medical Humanities


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End Of Life Virtual Reality Training: Medical Student Increased Empathic Ability



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