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A thorough execution of bacteria is not necessarily achieved by non-surgical periodontal instrumentation alone, so it is likely that optimal healing may not take place. Numerous studies have reported on the uses of laser therapy in conjunction with nonsurgical instrumentation. In periodontal laser therapy, the fiber optic tip is placed at the top of the periodontal pocket to remove the diseased tissue that lines the pocket. This is done with a laser specific for dental hygiene such as; neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (ND:YAG) laser. When reviewing the literature, it is evident that periodontal pocketing, inflammation, and bacteria cannot be controlled with instrumentation alone. In each study, it was found that there was improved bleeding on probing (BOP), Periodontal Pocket Depth (PPD), and Suppuration (PUS), and improved healing compared to scaling and root planning (SRP) alone. It can be difficult to get every microbe by SRP alone, with laser therapy clinicians can thoroughly debride and decontaminate diseased tissue.

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Stopping The Progression Of Periodontal Disease With Laser Therapy



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