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Research poster addressing the question: What oral health programs in long-term care facilities improve oral health outcomes? The need for effective oral hygiene programs in long-term care (LTC) veterans facilities is crucial due to the rise in the elderly population, as well as untreated caries in older adults. As a state, Maine has 15% of older adults with untreated caries, 41% with gingivitis, 14% with periodontal diseases, and 2.7% with oral and pharyngeal cancer death rates. It would serve the residents and team of caregivers well to have an interprofessional approach to the overall care of their patients. It is essential for LTC residents to receive proper oral hygiene care and dental professionals are not often staffed by these facilities. Of the literature reviewed, one study indicated 48% of the LTC staff were very satisfied with the quality of oral care provided to the residents and 77% reported considering on-site oral care services. Another study indicated care conferences conducted in LTC facilities (LTCF) influenced the staff's awareness of oral health. While studies have shown that improving the oral health in the older adult population is of great importance, additional research is needed to determine the most effective interventions to improve the oral health of LTC residents. Although interdisciplinary teams are often used in LTCF, the teams often lack a dental professionals. As a result, there is a lack of oral health care within LTCF and further research needs to be conducted in order to bring further awareness to this issue.

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Dental Hygiene

Protecting The Oral Health Of Those Who Protected Us



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