Publication Date

Summer 8-2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Andrea Disque

Second Advisor

Jennifer Galipeau


The aerospace industry operates in a dangerous and unforgiving environment. Building organizations that understand the environment and learn from successes and failures becomes critical to success. Creating a culture of organizational learning then becomes essential. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore perceptions about organizational learning culture held by professionals in the aerospace industry. Eleven individuals participated in structured, written interviews that provided the participants with an open forum for others to understand their experiences in organizational learning cultures in the aerospace industry. These interviews were evaluated and then manually coded into themes. The developed themes included the importance of communication in the organization, the importance of transparency in the organization, and the importance of establishing, building, and maintaining trust in the organization. The participants in this study described organizations where they had experienced poor communication, experienced conditions of distrust, and experienced a lack of transparency from within their organization. Recommendations for further action are for organizations to realize that these study results represent a narrow view of a large industry. Organizations looking to build a culture of organizational learning should begin by assessing the effectiveness of their organizational communication methods; establish mechanisms for precise and consistent communication of goals and objectives at the organizational, group, and individual levels; and benchmark organizational trust attributes against peer organizations.


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