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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Mitchell Henke

Second Advisor

LaTonya Bolden

Third Advisor

Andrea Disque


Given the lack of proper utilization of mathematical discourse in public elementary settings and the stagnation of mathematical proficiency, the purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the perceptions of public elementary K-5 educators regarding the use of mathematical discourse as a pedagogical strategy. Because research indicates there are benefits to facilitating mathematical discourse, this study sought to understand the perceptions of public elementary K-5 teachers regarding the use of mathematical discourse as a pedagogical strategy in the classroom, their perceptions of different pedagogical strategies for facilitating mathematical discourse, and their perceptions of students engage in mathematical discourse while using disciplinary language. Through one-on-one semi-structured interviews with 10 participants, four themes emerged from the data: (a) teachers perceive mathematical discourse as positive, (b) classroom management impacts discourse facilitation, (c) the curriculum used and the professional development of teachers informs the strategies used to facilitate discourse, and (d) mathematical language plays a key role in student engagement in discourse. The findings indicate that districts and schools must provide further professional development on strategies to facilitate mathematical discourse for their teachers, select curricular programs that support teachers in facilitating discourse, and review their master schedules to ensure adequate time for mathematics instruction.


Ed.D. Dissertation



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