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This is a children's book that depicts some of the serious effects of noise pollution on marine organisms, especially larger mammals such as Baleen Whales. Through this little story about a baby whale and his mom, trying to find the rest of their pod amidst an ocean filled with noise pollution, we hope to spread awareness about this problem and provide hope to younger generations that if we work hard enough at protecting our oceans, we can provide a much nicer and safer life for the creatures that live within it.

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Environmental Education | Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Sciences


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One theme of the UNE core curriculum is Environmental Awareness. As part of this theme, all students in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to take a 3-credit interdisciplinary course and ENV104: Introduction to Environmental Issues fulfills this requirement. During Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, Dr. Heather Heenehan, Visiting Assistant Lecturer in Environmental Studies, taught six sections of ENV104. For their final projects her students were encouraged to be creative messengers and spread some ENV104 Optimism to the world. The resultant projects included children’s books, artwork, board games, tri-fold boards, brochures, videos.

Baby Bay And The Big, LOUD Ocean
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