Works authored by faculty in the Marine Sciences department.


Publications from 2014


Eyes In The Sky: Linking Satellite Oceanography And Biotelemetry To Explore Habitat Selection By Basking Sharks, Tobey H. Curtis, Stephan I. Zeeman, Erin L. Summers, Steven X. Cadrin, and Gregory B. Skomal

Publications from 2012


Enhancing Thermal Tolerance By Eliminating The Pejus Range: A Comparative Study With Three Decapod Crustaceans, Jennifer A. Jost, Stephanie M. Podolski, and Markus Frederich

Publications from 2005


Distribution Of Foraging Shearwaters Relative To Inner Front Of SE Bering Sea, J. Jahncke, K. O. Coyle, Stephan I. Zeeman, N. B. Kachel, and G. L. Hunt Jr.