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This poster was created by a UNE teacher education candidate for use in a mini-lesson on the words Your and You’re, which students often confuse. During the lesson, students were given the rule for when to use each of the words correctly and the tip that when using “you’re” they can substitute you are in place of the word and when using “your” they can substitute the word my in its place to see what makes sense. After students went over the words they were each given either “your” or “you’re” on a star and asked to Velcro the correct word into a sentence. The students concluded by writing their own “your” and “you’re” sentences on white boards and testing each other.

This poster was created for the UNE course, EDU 382/582 Reading, Writing, Children’s Literature: Grades 4-8, where teacher education candidates learn how to create interactive mini-lessons and present these to fourth and fifth graders as part of a school Grammar Fair. One goal of the project is to make Grammar—typically not the most exciting topic—come alive in an interactive manner. Another goal is to teach future teachers how to create meaningful mini-lessons that engage learners. To complete their Grammar Fair projects, teacher education candidates choose from a list of age appropriate grammar topics and present their topic to fourth and fifth graders, who spend 8-10 minutes at each grammar station learning about the grammar rule.

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grammar, your and you're, education


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Methods | Elementary Education and Teaching | Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching


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Lane Clarke

You're And Your
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