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A recent Medscape survey among physicians to assess their attitudes toward telemedicine showed that physicians have some concerns regarding telemedicine including liability and reimbursement (Cranford, 2016). Among nurse practitioners, credentialing, reimbursement, patient privacy and the use of appropriate equipment are some of the most critical issues with telemedicine (Balestra, 2018). Healthcare providers play a crucial role in telehealth adoption because their decision to use telehealth is the first step towards the emergence and sustainability of telehealth networks.

The objective of this review is to examine the various barriers and challenges physicians and advanced nurses experience when implementing telemedicine in the United States. This review will also identify new trends in telemedicine that have been reported in similar studies. What are the perceived barriers to the adoption of telemedicine? Are these perceived barriers unique to one or more healthcare provider types?


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Health Information Technology | Medicine and Health Sciences

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Literature Review

Barriers And Challenges To Implementing Telehealth Among Physicians And Advanced Practice Nurses In The United States



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