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IPEC Mini-grant application for funding of UNE student project Photovoice: A Visual Narrative into the Lives of Maine Refugee Women. Photovoice was proposed as a participatory action strategy which would provide Maine refugee women the opportunity to teach their community and policy makers about health and social issues they face. A UNE MSW student and MPH student sought to understand the barriers to health that Maine refugee women face. They proposed a project where participants would be given a camera to take photos of perceived health and social problems refugees face living in Maine. The photos would seek to work as an alternative communication model, as photos are a universal language. Images can influence how we understand and give meaning to our environments, which can impact community education and shape policy. The project was intended to strengthen communication between health professionals and our community’s refugee population in hopes of improving health and social services.

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photo, refugee, Maine, women, community organizing, art and social change


Photography | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Health | Social Work

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Lilia and Collyn also presented their project outcomes during a UNE Applied Arts & Social Justice event:

Grant Application: Photovoice



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