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ArtWalk poster for UNE student project Visual Voices: An Arts-Based Assessment Of The Perceived Identity Of Aging Maine Residents. This project was designed to investigate the topics of perception, identity, and aging. Between February and May 2015, over the course of twelve sessions, the UNE team met with six female residents of the Park Danforth senior living community in Portland to have conversations and create art about how the residents perceive themselves in contrast to how they feel perceived by important people in their lives, such as friends, family, and healthcare providers.

The artwork created by participants was showcased at Mechanics Hall during the May 1, 2015 First Friday ArtWalk in Portland, Maine.

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Art Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Public Health

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A second poster version, posted on UNE's campuses, is included as a supplementary document.


UNE faculty members Rebecca Boulos and Regula Robnett were affiliated with this project.

This project was in part based on the work done by the National Center for Creative Aging which suggests the importance of incorporating creative endeavors as one ages.

Visual Voices ArtWalk Poster