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The clinical component of graduate nurse anesthesia programs continues to be the key factor in evaluating and ensuring student success. Clinical experience has a direct correlation on student development in areas of self-awareness, psychomotor proficiency, critical thinking and professionalism. To effectively create a positive and motivating learning environment for the student registered nurse anesthetist (SRNA), the literature recommends instructors theoretically adapt to the individual learning style of the student, and incorporate various teaching techniques and modalities clinically. The overall goal of the clinical rotation is to establish an atmosphere where an individual can modify learning and skills. Positive, respectful and constructive criticism is vital to the optimal clinical success of the SRNA. Clinical performance is thus enhanced and the eagerness and motivation on the part of the student to improve upon individual practice is achieved. In order to allow for success in stressful healthcare programs, an ideal clinical learning environment needs to be fostered. This will further allow for safe and efficient patient care while providing a level of confidence among medical providers. A series of literature reviews, pilot studies and meta-analysis were studied. The articles that were examined reiterate the need for further research on this specific topic. The aim of this paper is to explore the various learning styles among students and to determine what affects the clinical performance of the SRNA practicing in this already stressful environment.


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