Blood Transfusion And Adverse Effects In Patients Having Cardiac Operations

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Maribeth Massie

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A review of the literature was conducted for the purpose of finding the benefits of using leukoreduced blood products and premedicating with antihistamine to prevent blood transfusion reactions in patients undergoing open-heart surgery. Four retrospective cohort studies, two meta-analyses, two observational studies, and three randomized controlled trials were examined with dates ranging from 2006 to 2016. Current literature indicates that leukoreduced blood products are superior to non-leukoreduced blood products and that their use can reduce both short and long term mortality risk in cardiac surgery patients. The use of leukoreduced blood products may also reduce the need for antihistamine premedication to prevent blood transfusion reactions in these patients since antigen-antibody reactions are responsible for the majority of acute and delayed transfusion reactions.


Master's capstone

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