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Elisha Coppens

Michael Conti

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Spring 2023


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Students studying health sciences are often consumed by rigorous curricula and demanding clinical schedules. The extensive concentration and commitment required of these students can be exhausting. This can lead to stress, poor academic performance, substance use and a decreased quality of life (Fauzi et al., 2021, Flowers & Bernard, 2020, Gao et al., 2022, & Melaku et al., 2015). Recent trends in academia have led to an integration of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs into the curriculum of graduate and undergraduate schools. Studies have shown that a consistent practice of some form of mindfulness is associated with a decrease in stress levels and improved academic performance (Flowers & Bernard, 2020; Lampe & Muller-Hilke, 2021).


MSNA Capstone



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