Kathryn Hill: Chronic Migraine/Occipital Neuralgia



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Kathryn Hill is a fifteen year old high school student who currently experiences occipital neuralgia causing chronic migraines. She has identified an array of migraine triggers including smells, lights, noises and various food. Experiencing depression secondary to migraines, K.H. has struggled with suicidal urges due to the pervasiveness of her pain. Distraction techniques, sleep and medication are the only factors which provide analgesia. Struggling with adverse reactions to mediation, K.H. has endured two nerve decompression and removal surgeries which decompressed her occipital nerve, and removed nerves behind her eyelids and nerves proximal to her forehead which provided mild pain relief. Katherine continues to have migraine flare ups but after surgery they have become more manageable. She has resumed most of her daily activities despite her occasional migraines.

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Migraine, Adolescent, Case Study, Narrative Medicine


Medicine and Health Sciences

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Kathryn Hill: Chronic Migraine/Occipital Neuralgia
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