Samantha Shepard: Chronic Back Pain



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Samantha Shepard is a twenty-nine year old undergraduate student who experiences chronic lower back pain stemming from an injury which caused a backwards right sacral torsion, multiple bulged discs in the lumbar region, musculoskeletal pain, ‘occipital nerve headaches’ and general lumbar instability. After enduring four years of rehabilitation, invasive and noninvasive procedures and regenerative therapies, S.S.’s spine has partially healed and her pain levels have decreased, though she still experiences chronic pain constantly. She is pursuing a career as a primary care physician and is a strong advocate for interprofessional chronic pain treatment, chronic pain education and finds catharsis through her work.

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Lower Back Pain, Backwards Right Sacral Torsion, Bulged Disc, Musculoskeletal, Pain, Chronic Pain, Regenerative Therapy, Prolo, Platelet Injections, Interprofessional Treatment, Advocacy, Case Study, Narrative Medicine


Medicine and Health Sciences

Samantha Shepard: Chronic Back Pain
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