Lindsey Simmons: Chronic Migraine



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Lindsey Simmons is a twenty-three year old who experiences chronic migraines, including retinal migraines, with and without aura. After onset in high school, her migraines increased in severity and frequency during her undergraduate studies. L.S. has explored several migraine prevention and treatment options, however, none have proven to be successful. On average, L.S. experiences 8-12 migraines monthly and only achieves analgesia through use of medication. L.S. was diagnosed with benign essential tremor, further complicating her condition, daily life and treatment. Currently, L.S. is in her second year of graduate pharmacy school and finds solace in her artwork. L.S. is actively involved in research to increase chronic pain awareness and ways to improve pharmacy practice guidelines for palliative care.

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Migraines with Aura, Retinal Migraines, Pain, Chronic Pain, Benign Essential Tremor, Pharmacy Student, Palliative Care, Art, Case Study, Narrative Medicine

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Lindsey Simmons: Chronic Migraine
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