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Many patients go without access to contemporary or traditional Western medicine due to lack of quality health insurance. Thus, more patients are turning to other less expensive, alternative forms of treatment. Our analysis of several different community-pharmacies in Maine, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky showed that many practicing pharmacists know little about these types of alternative therapies, and make little effort answering questions and/or making a safe recommendation about these products. Two OTCs were chosen with purpose: Calcium with Vitamin D and Grape Seed Extract. A convenience sample of pharmacies and pharmacists were selected based on travel time and location. Pharmacists were asked several detailed questions about two OTCs via a “live encounter” without warning and were not informed of information regarding this study. Their responses were qualitatively assessed for amount and accuracy of information. The purpose of our study is to raise awareness on the current problem associated lack of knowledge about CAMs and everyday OTCs across community-pharmacists in the United States. Through our analysis we hope to bring to attention, the responsibility we as pharmacists share in making sure that our patients are receiving the highest level of quality care in terms of relevant and proper medication use.

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herbal supplements, over the counter medications, pharmacist knowledge, patient education


Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


This poster was presented at the December, 2014 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting.

Exploring The Attitudes, Knowledge, And Receptivity Of Community-Working Pharmacists Regarding Two Over-The-Counter Medications (OTCs)



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