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Will hospital pharmacists be able to advance patient care and pharmacy practice to a level envisioned by ASHP’s 2015 Initiative? It’s a daunting task, but we think it can be done if we lay the groundwork for it now. What is ASHP’s landmark 2015 Initiative? In June 2001, the association created the ASHP Vision Statement for Pharmacy Practice in Hospitals and Health Systems. Under this vision, which was formulated with significant input from its members, ASHP established six ambitious and measurable goals for health-system pharmacists to meet by 2015 that would help make medication use safer, more effective, and more scientific. The intent of goals 1 and 2 is to increase the extent to which pharmacists help hospital inpatients and outpatients achieve the best use of medications. Goal 3 seeks to apply evidence-based methods to improve medication therapy. Goal 4 is designed to boost pharmacy departments’ role in improving the safety of medication use in health systems. Goal 5 applies technology effectively to improve the safety of medication use. And Goal 6 calls for pharmacy departments to engage in public health initiatives on behalf of their communities.


This is the preprint version of an op-ed subsequently published in the journal Drug Topics:

Wilkerson D., Redwanski J. “Can ASHP’s 2015 Goals be Achieved?” Drug Topics, July 9 2007, vol. 151, No. 13.



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