The Science Of Lipids And Cell Membranes In Health-Related Research



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Presentation by Ronald Hills, Ph .D., describing the work of his laboratory at UNE. The Hills Lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying biomedically relevant scientific problems. Having previously developed a suite of simulation tools for studying the molecular dynamics of membrane-protein systems, its research has since investigated the functional mechanisms of efflux transport proteins, of use for developing new therapies to overcome cellular multidrug resistance. The lab also investigates other aspects of health-related science. Student-centered scholarship in the group has included diverse topics from the development of POGIL learning activities for the classroom to reviewing health outcomes linked to nutrition and diet quality. Recent scholarship has explored the relationship between diet and the microbiome and reviewed evidence available for cardiovascular risk factors and lipid-lowering medications.

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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Hills is Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UNE College of Pharmacy.

This presentation was given in Leonard Hall on UNE's Biddeford campus.

The Science Of Lipids And Cell Membranes In Health-Related Research
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