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Integrative medicine is becoming increasingly important for a patient population afflicted with preventable illnesses such as cardiometabolic disease. Diet and nutrition are an under-tapped opportunity in health care for improving wellness and patient-centered health outcomes. Key nutritional principles are reviewed for alternate dietary strategies patients choose from in pursuit of healthy living or to alleviate chronic illness. Whole food eating plans are discussed including plant-based, Mediterranean, Paleo, and ketogenic diets as well as the specific carbohydrate and low FODMAP diets for colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Opposed to the traditional categorization of diets by macronutrient composition, it is more useful to discuss the nutritional quality of specific foods and available micronutrients. Cardiovascular and other risk factors are reviewed for foods and food combinations, supporting a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts/seeds, and seafood omega-3 fats.Nutrition and lifestyle education is needed to counsel patients on the best dietary strategy that ensures their adherence and improves long-term health outcomes.


Author Erpenbeck graduated with the UNE Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2016.

Originally published: Hills Jr RD, Erpenbeck E (2018) Guide to Popular Diets, Food Choices, and Their Health Outcome. Health Care Current Reviews 6:223. DOI: 10.4172/2375-4273.1000223

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