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During each clinical experience, the faculty visit or conduct a phone call during the mid-term period to check in with the student and their clinical instructor(s) in order to determine how the student is performing. With the growth of the DPT program at UNE, it became challenging to visit each student. The Director of Clinical Education (DCE) began utilizing a Skype 'visit' to make the mid-term contact and monitored the outcomes associated with this form of a 'visit'. The purpose of this case report was to determine if this type of 'visit' was as beneficial to the stakeholders in the clinical education program. The results showed that performing a Skype ‘visit’ was a great alternative to an in person visit. It added benefits over a phone call or a visit that included 1. Virtual tour, 2. Face to face discussions, and 3. Decreased cost to the PT department. A Skype visit can be a great way to bridge the gap between visiting a student/clinical site in person or having a phone discussion with them.

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Physical Therapy


Poster presented at APTA Educational Leadership Conference in Baltimore, MD, October 2015.

Utilizing Modern Technology To Perform Clinical Education Visits In A Physical Therapy Program



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