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Sally McCormack Tutt

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Course Paper

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An appraisal was made on a randomized controlled trial by Rikli, R & Jones, C to determine if the 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) is a valid outcome measure to determine physical endurance in generally health, older individuals. The participants’ 6MWT results were compared to measures previously proven to be valid and reliable (treadmill testing, composite physical function scale, and self-reported physical activity levels. All data gathered fell within the 95% confidence intervals. The 6MWT was able to distinguish differences between age and fitness level groups, and was comparable to the Balke graded exercise treadmill test. This test has good test-retest reliability as well. One thing to consider is that there should be a trial given before the actual test, as there was always an increase between trials 1 and 2, and a plateau between trials 2 and 3.



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