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Background and Purpose: Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal, which can cause radicular symptoms due to compression of the spinal cord. About 80% of patients over 70 years old have some level of stenosis. Patients with severe types of cervical stenosis may require operative management which includes spinal decompression and fusion. In this case report the AlterG was used to perform a balance and gait training program for a patient who had significant loss of strength and functional mobility after spinal decompression surgery. Case Description: The patient was an 83-year-old male who was a retired farmer that lived with his wife. After multiple visits to the hospitals and complications; the patient was diagnosed with cervical stenosis with myelopathy affecting his bilateral upper and lower extremities equally. He underwent C4 corpectomy with C3-C5 anterior fusion and posterior cervical laminectomy in October 2017. Outcomes: The Six-Minute Walk Test improved from 185.62 meters to 264.26 meters with the use of a rolling walker. The Berg Balance Test improved from 28/56 to 35/56. The 30 Second Chair Stand Test improved from 6 total stands to 8 total stands. Discussion: The patient’s functional mobility and functional outcome scores improved. This rehabilitation program focused primarily on gait and balance training with the use of the AlterG. Future research should look at a patient population with the use of the AlterG having the effects on gait and balance specifically to geriatric patients who have had cervical myelopathy.


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