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Background: Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) is an alteration of subchondral bone with possible disruption of the surrounding articular cartilage. Hypothesized causes of the chondral defect include repeated trauma or vascular disruption within the joint. Surgical treatment may be used to relieve symptoms of OCD and improve function. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe physical therapy treatment and outcomes for a patient following surgical debridement of OCD of the talar dome. Case Description: The patient was a 27 year old female with a history of frequent ankle sprains. She reported a specific incident earlier this year that led to increased right ankle pain. She had radiographs and an MRI following the incident which revealed OCD of her right talar dome. She underwent surgical debridement of her talar dome and was referred to physical therapy for post surgical care, evaluation, and treatment. Outcomes: During the episode of care, the patient did not make large improvements in strength, range of motion, swelling, or pain. The patient benefited from physical therapy by maintaining her strength and ROM during a period of decreased activity. Discussion: It was suspected that the patient had a tibialis posterior tendon rupture, and that was greatly contributing to her lack of progress in physical therapy. Physical therapy was put on hold for this patient until further imaging could be taken and she could be assessed by a foot and ankle specialist physician.


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