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Background and Purpose: The purpose of this case report is to compile and summarize the physical therapy management for improving independent functional mobility following a left basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke in the outpatient setting. Additionally, this report will provide a brief overview of the presentation and medical management of a left basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke. Case Description: The patient, JD, had a stroke on 2012 and was left with multiple impairments ranging from his cognition to his strength and active range of motion. This case covers his physical therapy management over a 12 week period with hour long appointments twice each week . Outcomes: At the end of the 12 week period JD had made significant improvement in almost all of his impairments, with the greatest improvements in functional mobility and balance. He showed improved independence with most of his activities of daily living, and showed decreased dependence on his assistive device and orthotics. Discussion: JD had excellent family support from his wife and daughters. They transported him to therapy, and assisted with his home exercise program. While JD made significant improvement in his functional mobility, further research and case reports are needed on the physical therapy management of a basal ganglia stroke to determine the most effective means of improving functional mobility and overall health.


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