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Michael Fillyaw

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Although there is evidence to support a high success rate to return to work in the general population and to sports play in athletes following discectomy, less is known regarding the interventions that played a role in their return. The following case describes the interventions and management of a recreational football player following discectomy. Case description: The patient was a self-described highly active 24-year-old male post discectomy. The patient had pain, poor body mechanics, gait abnormalities, range of motion deficits, and strength deficits of his low back and lower extremities. Physical therapy interventions included soft tissue mobilization, stretching, exercise, and education. Outcome: This patient showed decreased pain and improvements in muscle strength, range of 38 motion, gait, and body mechanics. Discussion: Disability and functional limitations following discectomy improved with core exercises, soft tissue mobilization, and education. Research is warranted to investigate the long term implications following this type of surgery.


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