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Amy J. Litterini

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Background and Purpose: There is a multitude of research regarding structural and idiopathic scoliosis, but very minimal literature about non-structural (functional) scoliosis and more importantly, how to treat it. The purpose of this case report was to examine the use of stretching, strengthening, and postural reeducation for a patient who presented with a non-structural scoliosis. Case Description: The patient was a 37-year-old female who underwent a left-sided lumbar discectomy at level L5/S1 following an acute onset of left foot-drop. The patient later presented with severe back pain and spasms from an infection of the disc at the surgical site that resulted in an abnormal protective posturing. The patient was seen for a total of eight weeks and treated with interventions including pain management, postural reeducation, and strengthening exercises in the home health care setting. Outcomes: After the patient’s therapy course, she was found to have overall decreased pain from 4/10 to 0/10, a decreased fall risk based on her Tinetti score, improving from 13/28 on initial evaluation to 28/28 at discharge, improved postural control and increased activity tolerance, from walking three minutes with a walker to walking up to 15 minutes without an assistive device. Discussion: The findings suggest that postural reeducation and strengthening exercises may be a viable method of treatment for patients with non-structural scoliosis, leading to neuromuscular changes in the body and maintenance of neutral posture. More investigation should take place to determine if specific interventions are more effective than others.


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