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Background and Purpose: Congestive Heart Failure is one of the most expensive conditions to manage medically and close to 20% of patients hospitalized for congestive heart failure are readmitted within 30 days. Fifty to seventy percent of people with Parkinson disease experience one or more falls in a 12- month period. The purpose of this case report is to describe the physical therapy management for a patient with acute congestive heart failure and Parkinson disease. Case description: The patient was an 85 year-old male with acute congestive heart failure and Parkinson disease. He received physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility six days per week for 13 total sessions. The plan of care included functional mobility training, stretching, balance training, gait training, and high intensity interval training. Outcomes: The 10- meter walk test improved (0.34 meters per second to 0.47 meters per second), the six-minute walk test improved (107.3 meters to 139.7 meters) and the timed up and go score improved (26 seconds to 25 seconds.) The Tinetti falls efficacy scale was 19/28 at evaluation and discharge. The observed gait assessment and functional mobility improved from evaluation to discharge. Discussion: This patient appears to have benefited from physical therapy in the skilled nursing facility for acute congestive heart failure and Parkinson disease. Research suggests exercise training, stretching, balance and gait training as physical therapy intervention for congestive heart failure and Parkinson disease separately. Further research is required to understand physical therapy management of both congestive heart failure and Parkinson disease together, as well as the effectiveness of high intensity interval training for Parkinson disease.


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