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Background and Purpose: This case report contributes to and builds upon established knowledge about the importance of early weight bearing for patients who sustained a fracture and repair. The purpose of this case report is to document this patient’s response to skilled physical therapy in the inpatient setting, including functional mobility, gait training and therapeutic exercise to maximize the patient's functional ability prior to discharge home. Case Description: This report follows an 88-year old female who underwent open reduction and internal fixation of her right femoral shaft after sustaining a non-traumatic fracture. The patient was seen in the acute care unit of the hospital for three days prior to transitioning to the inpatient skilled therapy. Her care included physical therapy five times a week for 11 days, before being discharged home with services to continue to maximize functional independence. Outcomes: After completing inpatient skilled physical therapy, the patient met all her physical therapy goals. She improved her gross lower extremity strength and muscle endurance. She also was independent with all functional mobility and ambulation with the use of a rolling walker. She improved her Tinetti Balance Assessment score (15/28 to 20/28). Discussion: In conclusion, this case report successfully demonstrates the important role of physical therapy in the inpatient setting for patients that have sustained this type of injury. This is particularly true for a patient such as the one in this case report who also presented with a multitude of co-morbidities, and barriers to overcome to return to prior level of function.


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