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Background and Purpose: While balance and strengthening are standard interventions for older patients who have sustained a stroke, there is very limited research on the most effective physical therapy rehabilitation for a young female who recently suffered a stroke. Therefore, the purpose of this case report was to investigate a comprehensive physical therapy program that included balance and strength training for a young female who recently sustained a multifocal stroke. Case description: The patient was a 29-year-old female who sustained a multifocal stroke in her left parietal, left frontal, and bilateral occipital lobes. She presented with right lower extremity weakness and numbness, and poor balance. Her plan of care included patient education, home exercise program, LE strengthening, and balance training. Outcome measures included Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS), manual muscle testing (MMT), single limb stance, and dermatome sensitivity testing. Outcomes: Improvements were noted in her progress note during her 5th week. Lower Extremity Functional Scale improved (31/80 to 50/80). General hip strength improved (3+/5 to 4/5). Knee extension improved (4-/5 to 4+/5). Single limb stance on right foot improved from unable to perform to 30 seconds. Dermatome sensation improved at L3 from complete numbness to normal sensation. Discussion: A comprehensive physical therapy program that included balance and strength training was beneficial for a 29-year-old patient who had sustained a multifocal stroke. Future research should investigate a younger cohort of patients who have sustained a stroke and the best treatment option available.


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