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Background and Purpose: Pain and dysfunction of the lumbar spine has the highest incidence of any other musculoskeletal condition. LBP is thought to affect 70-85% of people. The purpose of this case report was to implement the McKenzie method, along with manual therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, modalities, patient education, and an HEP for a patient with lumbar radiculopathy. Case Description: The patient was a 59-year-old male with an eight-year history of LBP. Following his most recent injury, the patient had LBP with pain radiating to the right LE. The patient received PT treatment twice a week for eight weeks. His POC included McKenzie based treatment, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, electrical stimulation, and education regarding self-management techniques and an HEP. Outcomes: Pain levels had decreased from 10/10 at worst to 3/10 at worst on the Numeric Pain Rating Scale. Other improvements included lumbar ROM, strength, sensation, muscle tone, and tenderness. Discussion: This case report described the management of a patient with lumbar radiculopathy using the McKenzie method, along with manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities and an HEP. The POC appeared to be successful as the patient had decreased pain, increased strength and ROM, and centralization of symptoms. The outcomes of this case were consistent with current research regarding directional preference and repeated motions. Further research is still needed in order to determine the long-term benefits of McKenzie based exercise programs for patients with LBP, specifically lumbar radiculopathy.


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