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The most common reason for lower extremity amputation (LEA) is from complications from Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Patients with DM are 10x more likely to have an amputation than someone without the disease. 50% of those with DM with an LEA will have an opposite foot or leg amputated in approximately 3 years or less. Transtibial amputations (TTAs), also known as below knee amputations, are the most common amputation. There is good evidence that physical therapy (PT) can help patients with one LEA to regain strength and functional independence, but there is limited information on the most effective PT plan of care for patients with two amputations. The purpose of this case report was to investigate a comprehensive physical therapy plan of care for a patient with bilateral transtibial amputations.

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Physical Therapy

A PT Exercise Program For A Patient With Bilateral Transtibial Amputations: A Case Report



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