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Lumbar radiculopathy is compression of a spinal nerve root, typically due to a herniated nucleus pulposus. It can present as low back pain (LBP) that radiates to one lower extremity (LE) and may be associated with diminished sensation, strength and reflexes on the affected side. The McKenzie approach is an evaluation and treatment technique that focuses on the movement of the nucleus pulposus within the intervertebral disc during trunk movement. This approach involves having a patient perform repeated motions, while monitoring their symptoms for centralization. Centralization refers to the concept that radiating symptoms into the lower extremities can move proximally toward the spine. The purpose of this case report was to evaluate the efficacy of the McKenzie method, along with manual therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, modalities, patient education and a home exercise program (HEP) for a patient with lumbar radiculopathy. The setting of this episode of care was outpatient orthopedics.

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McKenzie Approach To Treating Lumbar Radiculopathy With A Lateral Shift: A Case Report



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