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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted 7,277,000 police reported motor vehicle accidents (MVA) in the United States in 2016.1 As a result, 2,177,000 people were injured. In 2008, approximately 340,000 emergency department visits were because of hip fractures. Femur fractures average $40,000 in medical bills in the first year following injury and another $5,000 in succeeding years. A review of 12 trials resulted in mixed evidence on the necessity of skilled physical therapy (PT) interventions to maximize functional mobility in individuals with femur fractures. The purpose of this case report was to report on the results of skilled PT intervention in treating an individual with a subtrochanteric femur fracture sustained during a MVA.

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Restoring Functional Mobility In An Adult Patient Secondary To Subtrochanteric Femur Fracture Surgical Repair: A Case Report
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