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Kirsten Buchanan



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Traumatic Myositis Ossificans (MO) can happen at any age, but the highest prevalence occurs in young active males after trauma (60-75% are traumatic). MO can occur from repetitive minor trauma, which is common in horseback riders who develop MO in the adductors and shooters who present with MO in their deltoid. Patients with MO commonly present in the clinic with signs and symptoms of pain, a palpable mass, and joint stiffness. Patients often report persistent muscle pain longer than that of a simple muscle strain or contusion. Currently, there is a paucity of evidence in the conservative treatment of traumatic MO. The purpose of this study was to investigate the therapeutic effects of ultrasound heating combined with stretching as a treatment option for traumatic Myositis Ossificans.

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Physical Therapy

Treatment Approach For Traumatic Myositis Ossificans Using Ultrasound And Stretch Protocol: A Case Report



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