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Kirsten Buchanan



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Within the industrial workplace, soft tissue injuries to the ankle are common. The ankle is the second most commonly injured region in the body. Past research has shown that average time away from work was 2.5 weeks for a lateral ankle sprain, with 90% of individuals having full return to work at six weeks. Therapeutic activities are part of a comprehensive physical therapy (PT) plan of care that contribute to reintegration into a normal work-load. Treadmill training with an incline has been shown to reduce ankle stiffness and improve active range of motion. There is a paucity of research investigating the use of incline treadmill training in the industrial setting and its use in treatment of crush injuries. The purpose of this case report was to examine the effectiveness of inclined treadmill training as a means of increasing dorsiflexion when mobilizations cannot be utilized in a comprehensive PT plan of care for an acute, grade II lateral ankle sprain with open wounds.

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Physical Therapy

Incline Treadmill Training For A Crush Ankle Injury With An Open Wound: A Case Report



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