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Kirsten Buchanan



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Background: Achilles Tendonitis affects 9% of all recreational runners. Treatment is variable. Surgery is controversial. Gastrocnemius Recession: Small incision to postero-medial lower leg to release gastrocnemius tendon; most commonly used to treat equino-varus contracture; lack of literature when used to treat chronic achilles tendonitis; no known literature for the postoperative physical therapy management. Medical Exercise Therapy (MET): Developed by the Holten Institute; 60 minutes of graded exercise; high repetitions with low weight; functional weight bearing during functional movement patterns. Purpose: The purpose of this case report was to report the use MET for a patient after a gastrocnemius recession as treatment for chronic achilles tendonitis.

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Physical Therapy

The Use Of Medical Exercise Therapy For A Post-operative Gastrocnemius Recession Patient After Multiple Conservative Physical Therapy Treatments Failed: A Case Report
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