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History: A 67 year-old male with a one year history of melanoma complained of headaches 1-2 weeks prior to admission to an acute care hospital with left sided hemiplegia and dysarthria. A head CT scan revealed an intracerebral hematoma and a lesion suspicious for metastasis within the right parietal lobe. A right parietal craniotomy, evacuation of the hematoma and resection of the brain tumor were performed and the pathology revealed metastatic melanoma. Discussion: The patient received 18, 60-75 minute physical therapy sessions over a span of 21 days while in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. This case study utilized many essential rehabilitation interventions to improve functional mobility and self-care. The FIM is a standardized functional outcome measure that was used effectively in this case report to measure the improvement in functional mobility and self-care. Following the removal of the brain tumor, this patient benefitted from intense acute rehabilitation while in inpatient rehab unit to improve upon functional outcomes and become less dependent in performing ADL’s. The rehabilitation team including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, and other health professionals took a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve these desirable outcomes. The patient stated he was satisfied with his overall improvement in functional independence and self care upon discharge to a skilled nursing facility.

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Physical Therapy

Improving Functional Independence With Rehabilitation Following A Metastatic Melanoma Brain Tumor Resection: A Case Report



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